Friday, 16 November 2007

Christmas ACEO art with Textiles!

In today's ACEO offering I decided enhance my watercolour painting by using an element of my my new interest: textiles. Here is the resulting image, with stars sewn into the card using a beautiful golden thread:
The stars look fantastic, espeically when they catch the light - they really bring the whole image to life! I'm so pleased with this piece, and I will be advertising it on Ebay later tonight...


montyandrosie said...

Great blog, Helen. I'm looking at it after your post on ebay groups. Those stars could be done with fabric paint, too, if you haven't already - they add another dimension. Just a thought.

Susan Alison (noteworthycards on ebay)

Fairweather Designs said...

Thanks for your comments and advice, Susan. I haven't used fabric paints before, but they certainly sound like something I would like to experiment with! :o)